Empowering Our Communities
Through Shared Equity

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The San Francisco Equity Group (SFEG) was formed in 2017 by a diverse group of community leaders serving San Francisco’s most underserved neighborhoods in order to fulfill the promise of cannabis equity programs. We do this by providing resources, advocating for policies, and developing business models that expand ownership by Equity Applicants to positively impact and empower our communities.

Today, we are a resource to all Equity Applicants seeking verification, licensing, permitting, and connections with Equity Incubators and other partnerships. We work to provide them with mentorship and access to strategic advisors, and additionally serve as a resource to cannabis operators seeking to fulfill their equity partnerships.  

We are building an institutional model and fund to benefit underserved people in the form of jobs, ownership, training, and mentorship. From barrier removal to funding social enterprise startups, we aim to spark a renaissance in business that both stabilizes communities and creates pathways to multigenerational prosperity.


News, opinion, resources, and calls to action from the frontlines of the equity movement.