Come Support SF’s First Equity-Owned Cannabis Store at City Hall on February 14


More than a year after San Francisco created its Equity Program, the city is still without a single Equity-Applicant owned cannabis business. With your help, that can change soon.

On Thursday, February 14, Shawn M. Richard, the CEO of the Cole Ashbury Group and a member of SFEG, will be going before the San Francisco Planning Commission at City Hall. If approved, the dispensary location at 1685 Haight St. will have the green light to begin construction and work towards opening its doors as soon as possible.

The potential passage of this dispensary represents an enormous opportunity. In addition to creating more jobs for Equity Applicants it signals that, despite the serious obstacles that still remain, there are viable paths for Equity Applicants to own cannabis businesses. Furthermore, it allows Shawn to reinvest even more in the community anti-violence work he’s been doing through Brothers Against Guns for 24 years now. And to have it all happen on Haight St., the birthplace of cannabis activism, is particularly fitting.

The Planning Commission hearing on February 14 is a powerful chance to put SFEG’s mission in action, and we urge any supporters of San Francisco’s Equity Applicants to come show your support this Thursday at 1 PM at City Hall. Those unable to attend can also watch the proceedings via SFGovTV.